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Beaches + Bikes = California

September 20, 2010

Despite the fact that Summer is technically over according to the almanac, Southern California is still in “beach mode.” Walking around Santa Monica it’s hard to believe that we’re  almost in the month of October. While the rest of the nation is prepping their plows, snow gear and fall coats, SoCal natives are keeping their flip flops and suntan lotion handy. Ahh the good life. I’ve been lucky enough to have easy access to the beach my entire life, so I guess that I’ve had the tendency to kind of take it for granted.

A couple years ago I was hanging out with a group of friends at the beach and one of the people there was from Kansas and was totally tripping out about the fact that he was at the beach. Keep in mind that this was when the tv show “The OC” was at it’s pinnacle of fame, so his excitement was undoubtedly fueled by the images of beach life made famous on television. I don’t remember his name, I don’t remember was day it was, heck I don’t even remember what beach we were at. What I DO remember was how weird it was that someone had never seen the ocean in real life before. Really? Never?! In your whole LIFE?! Weird, dude… weird.

Fast forward to my most recent visit to Santa Monica, and it got me thinking about how a good beach day is pretty much the quintessential Southern California experience. In addition to that, BIKING on the the beach is even more so. There’s nothing like pedaling your cruiser next to the sand with the scent of the sea filling your lungs. If you’re lucky, there are no joggers in the way and you can bike freely (my ideal, personally… no offense to joggers but I’d rather not have to dodge you.)

What is it about the beach that makes we want to bike so bad? Perhaps it ‘s the fact that I’m not biking to get somewhere. There’s no real destination when I’m biking on the beach, no timeline, no deadline. Just me, sand, sun and water. And my trusty cruiser, of course. So if you’re lucky enough to live in SoCal and have yet to do so, take your bike out to the beach and just BIKE. There’s nothing like it in the world. Plus it’s pretty much a personal obligation to take advantage of the beach if you live in Southern California. That guy from Kansas would!

Reason 1 to choose biking over driving: Parking.


Nothing lovlier to see than a beach cruiser chained to a tree.

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